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Accounting & Business Consulting Services

At NKA ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS, we give specialist, indispensable support to our customers regardless of the size of their business. Our primary focus on NKA is to boost the capacity in your business by delivering you the best of the accounting and bookkeeping capacities right from incorporation to taxing and many more, which are not your center movement. We, at NKA, have a committed group of specialists who are accessible to give the greatest bookkeeping administrations to help your impermanent just as perpetual task prerequisites. Contingent upon your necessities, we at NKA can offer you a wide range of accounting, tax collection, CFO, business consultant, and misrepresentation discovery administrations. We are prepared to deal with all bookkeeping needs and are exceptionally devoted to the errands that we have close by. As your perfect accounting solver, it is our duty to ensure that the entirety of your monetary choices are made sensibly and in view of your wellbeing, so your business can make all the progress.

Push on Innovation

Lessen your foundation cost and improve proficiency.

Specialists in the field of receiving best acts of worldwide organizations

Refined Valuable Services

We are the best competitors at global market

Exceptionally Professional Approach

Push on Innovation

Specialists in the field of receiving best acts of worldwide organizations​

Refined Valuable Services

Lessen your foundation cost and improve proficiency.

Exceptionally Professional Approach

Our first concern to your information security and privacy

We are the best competitors at global market​

Single resource framework to enable quick speed, productivity and compelling correspondence

About Company

Our Vision

NKA Accounting Solutions has emerged as a Global Business Consulting firm. Based in India, we have continued to expand our global network while providing high-value-added consulting services.

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Busniess Setup

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We make joining an organization as simple as possible conceivable, so you can zero in on the significant things. Past free LLC documenting, we have a full set-up of start-up administrations (like banking and accounting), which means Incise assists you with beginning, however upholds you in your proceeded with progress as your all in one resource.

At the point when you’re beginning a LLC, our central goal is to furnish you with a predominant and current involvement with an unrivalled worth.

Since your independent venture is developing, ensure both your organization and your own resources. Framing a LLC can assist with doing that — however is it the best business element decision for you? We at NKA will guarantee you to give best LLC joining administrations to assist your business with developing.

In the United States, an LLC is a business element type that joins the pass-through tax collection from an association or sole ownership with the restricted responsibility of an enterprise, making the smartest possible solution for entrepreneurs. LLCs have quickly gotten perhaps the most well known business structures for new and private companies, to a great extent since they are viewed as less difficult and more adaptable than a partnership. Overall, the LLC offers the founder great flexibility in the creation of his or her company. There are no official bodies and hardly any binding rules making the LLC very popular with present-day founders. The flexibility is so broad that the founder in the U.S.A. can also decide whether his or her LLC will be run there as a partnership or as a stock corporation.

Thus from developing an idea to measuring success, we at NKA assists you in every step of your LLC incorporation to help you stand among the crowd and helps you to get maximum results.

If you are considering incorporating an LLC in USA you are at the right place as we will surely assist you right from the incorporation process to the advisory point to help your business grow.

At NKA, we offer a total scope of redid revaluating tax collection administrations to clients in the USA.

Our specific group of specialists has wide involvement in tax compliance, tax preparations, obtaining EIN, ITIN, recording government forms and filing tax returns. We are equipped for taking care of different customer’s necessities from the USA. Our specialists get consistent in-house preparing to ensure that they keep awake to-date with worldwide assessment laws and guidelines and can undoubtedly acquaint themselves to utilize any client demonstrated programming. By re-appropriating your administrations to us in USA, you can profit by decreased expenses.

We at NKA will provide best tax services in USA, to help you in staying ahead of technical and regulatory changes impacting your tax strategy.

We assist you with advanced tax functioning, emerging technology and workforce strategy to help you in getting the best tax services in USA.

Although our tax team have an increased operating tempo to manage legislative and regulatory change, we are quick in realizing that this may not be a one-time surge. Thus we provide you with the best last longing tax services that will assist you to take your business at height.

Our US Tax & Financial Services provides tax advice, planning, and compliance services (US tax returns, and forms preparation) for individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts and estates, subject to the US tax system, wherever they may live or operate. Our strong, multilingual team of US tax accountants’ together expertise from their experienced minds.

The international aspects of the US tax system are complex and changeable challenge to US-based firms. Not only are the basic tax returns more complex, but additional informational returns relating to many aspects of an expat’s international lifestyle carry stiff penalties if not filed correctly. Thus in order to overcome all your tax related issues we are there to help you out.

We are a firm believer that activating tax strategy requires experience and foresight. We at NKA will make the best decisions to strategically move your business forward with confidence.

A business plan is a written document describing a company’s core business activities, objectives, and how it plans to achieve its goals. Good business plans should include an executive summary, products and services, marketing strategy and analysis, financial planning, and a budget.

NKA Accounting Solutions mission is to provide dependable and quality service of accounting and tax preparation assistance to all sectors of industry, commerce, and individuals. We shall endeavour to provide our services in a comprehensive and cost-competitive manner, while providing our customer care advantage.

In today’s dynamic environment, business planning is an essential part of business success. At NKA, we ensure you to provide the best business plans to satisfy your needs.

A well-written business plan is primarily a communication tool to be used in obtaining financing, thus we are here to help you out in carving the best dynamic business plans.

The management of NKA Accounting Solutions has developed this disciplined planning methodology to help the company anticipate its start-up economic requirements and other critical information, and arrive at this realistic plan thereby providing the best business needs.

Productive and helpful business plans requires a wide based comprehension of changes occurring in the commercial center wherein the organization contends, or plans to contend, and the always changing monetary business sectors. Inside and out specialized abilities in an assortment of disciplines like duty, monetary investigation, deals, promoting, and overseeing development are basic parts in surveying an organization’s chances. Inside and out specialized abilities in an assortment of disciplines like duty, monetary examination, deals, advertising, and overseeing development are basic parts in evaluating an organization’s chances and dangers.

The NKA management team has made an in-depth analysis of its opportunities and weaknesses and it has concluded that the company has an excellent chance to succeed thereby helps you in maintaining dynamic and in-depth business plan for your business needs.

With the development of Goods and Services Tax, other roundabout assessments has been subbed subsequently managing and keeping up of all with Gross Receipt Tax and GST Compliance suitable to an association is an incredibly basic endeavour for any business. GST has expansive effects for basically every business to the extent cost rates, expenses and costs input credits, dispersal systems, etc It is basic to comprehend that GST isn’t just an evaluation change everything considered a business change that is conceivable to affect different business domains. We at NKA are here to help you with all your GST and VAT return Reports and Compliances. Our gathering of experts attempts hard to manage all pertinent evaluation compliances astutely and precisely. This offers time to the administrative team to zero in on more critical things.

For companies considering global expansion, or for those that have already discovered the vast opportunities of new markets, understanding their Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods & Services Tax (GST) obligations throughout the world can be incredibly complex and distracting. We at NKA provide complete solution for your VAT and GST return services to help you in maintaining the proper balance in your business.

The NKA team merges years of experience with technological solutions to support businesses expanding their client base around the world. With our easy to use cloud-based platform, handling VAT/GST matters becomes simple & quick.

With charges contrasting from one country to another, to stay away from any issues, remaining agreeable is urgent however precarious. NKA arrangement is driven by a group of VAT/GST consistence specialists that ensure you stay consistent as you lead your business into new business sectors. We do all the important tax paperwork and file the returns accordingly.

Thus we at NKA provides the best tax related services including VAT and GST returns to help your company focus on relevant issues and serve you with the best of our capabilities to keep your paperwork on time.

Bookkeeping services are crucial for any substance to keep up with its exactness and records accordingly. NKA gives direct accounting and bookkeeping administrations directly from consolidation to records, planning, keeping up with monetary perspectives and compliances for sharp business visionaries. Directed by experienced professionals and with an establishment in Audit, our bookkeepers pass on precision, consistency and consistent correspondence.

We understand that financial constancy infers improvement. Our gatherings of qualified specialists work with state of the art development to give you exact, dependable bookkeeping organizations to help you on your undertaking. Our experienced bookkeepers have been working with associations of all sizes for quite a while.

Our specific accounting administrations will help you with decreasing costs and guarantee that everything is excelled on time.

Our Bookkeeping Services are focused at reducing the finance and accounting costs of our clients by helping them with their management, accounting and tax preparation needs.

Apart from all the standard bookkeeping services, we also offer custom reports that enable customers to better analyze their revenue and expenses.

We at NKA, also provide bookkeeping and accounting services for global customers.

NKA’s customized and expert web based accounting and bookkeeping cover the whole extent of accounting and clients have the adaptability to pick what they require. We work similarly as clients’ virtual administrative center for all their accounting and bookkeeping stir directly from set-up, backing, upkeep and consultancy with bookkeeping. By re-appropriating accounting administrations to India, you can profit with the expense benefits of NKA’s tweaked finance and bookkeeping administrations.

Our bookkeeping accounting administrations are specially crafted to meet your individual necessities. Dissimilar to the greater part of our rivals, we know precisely what the contrasts among clerks and bookkeepers are, and offer our types of assistance custom fitted to your hierarchical objectives. We offer a wide scope of aptitude, so you can make a bundle that best fit your business prerequisites.

Internal auditing is a target affirmation and counselling action intended to add esteem and work on an association’s activities. It can assist an association with achieving its essential targets by bringing a precise, restrained way to deal with assessing and working on the adequacy of hazard the executives, control, and administration measures. NKA’s Internal Audit administrations help sheets and senior leaders better oversee undertaking hazards. Our experts help associations upgrade the viability, quality, and worth got from inside review. NKA’s wide comprehension of dangers and spaces of functional improvement — especially the subtleties of explicit industry areas and markets — can help internal audit capacities work on their exhibition and working effectiveness and carry worth to their associations.

NKA services are recurring in nature and comprise the performance of all internal audit activities including the annual planning, execution of the annual plan, and reporting to management and the audit committee.

Our internal audit experts can work with you to comprehend your business technique and its related business drivers, and how that system is conveyed through a fitting functional field-tested strategy and cycle structure. Your partners will profit with experienced autonomous expert assessments and a survey of the quality and viability of the control climate inside your association.

We advise your company to develop workable internal controls that enhance the control environment and providing advice on how to implement an effective and secured internal control environment. We direct you on how to manage core operational risks, especially those related to the reliability of business operations thus assisting with linking operational strategies and risk performance measures to business goals.

We assist you with change management and business awareness processes by helping you in making the transition from existing practices to more efficient and focused approaches through training and assisting of staff in the development of new skills and evaluating the key structures, dynamics and processes required to underpinning effective corporate governance.