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We use statistical methods and technologies for analyzing historical data in order to gain new insights and improve strategic decision-making. Our business analytics will help your entity in moving ahead with expertise in data analysis and visualization.

Customized Analytics

Customized Analytics signifies the collection of data from the right sources within an organization to enhance, envision, and better understand important trends and business insights. At NKA, our team of dedicated experts offer real-time analytics, business intelligence, and assist the companies with governance, risk, and compliance.

We strive hard to develop the right analytics solution for your business. The solutions provided by our team of experts are based on collective expertise, which involves ascertaining, applying, and communicating numerous analytical strategies. Whether you need an end-to-end data solution or are looking to emphasize a specific business analytics challenge, we at NKA can solve all your problems. No matter what your business deals in, our team will help you develop and sustain actionable analytics that will help you grow revenues, boost your organization’s confidence in decision-making, make your customers happier and improve your operations.


  • Collective expertise
  • Efficient analytics strategies

1.HR Support

  • HR analytics is characterized as the way toward estimating the effect of HR measurements, like chance to recruit and degree of consistency, on business execution. HR is a group arranged capacity and is so seen by a great many people.

    An incredible HR analysis can assist your organization with the dynamic as it includes improving the ability to employ and hold ability; figure the prerequisites of things to come labor force and making suitable preparing frameworks. At NKA, our group of committed specialists with their HR examination gives understanding and answers for our customers, something that probably won’t be feasible for somebody from the association. Our group of specialists at NKA endeavours to gather information and study it to upgrade profitability and decline costs. Our HR investigation specialists work straightforwardly with your HR group to see what strategy changes will mean for the confidence and execution of the representatives.


    • Business expansion
    • Decline in cost
    • Improved HR execution

2. Financial Analytics

  • Financial analytics alludes to an evaluation of the suitability, strength, and benefit of a business, sub-business or task. It is performed by experts who get ready reports utilizing proportions and different methods that utilize data taken from budget summaries and different reports.

    We at NKA comprehend that financial investigation is the way to big business strengthening. Along these lines, with our quick, exact, and brilliant monetary investigation administrations, we help our customers to acquire an upper hand. Our group of experienced Financial Analysts at NKA helps customers everywhere on the world to examine the monetary state of their organization and create more noteworthy incomes. This, however we at NKA will likewise give you bits of knowledge, techniques, and information investigation instruments, which are imperative to keeping up operational and vital adequacy. The administrations given by us are especially important for prescient arranging, as our monetary investigation permit organizations to gauge for different monetary settings and assign assets appropriately. With us, you don’t need to stress over anything as our group at NKA will play out the intricate estimations for you and make the monetary models, which will assist you with the dynamic.


    • Track income
    • Track cost and benefit
    • Handcrafted reports for partners

3. Sales And Marketing Analytics

  • Sales and marketing analytics comprises the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives by measuring performance by using important business metrics, such as ROI, marketing attribution and overall marketing effectiveness.

    In the present serious occasions, making a brand effectively, and expanding deals continually isn’t at all a simple errand. Nonetheless, NKA, with its devices, administrations, and arrangements helps in precisely evaluating, and following, each publicizing technique, which further creates an understanding that can improve brand picture and increment income. Our correct Sales and Marketing Analytics will assist you with understanding business sector elements, learn new possibilities, and create proficient information driven showcasing system.

    Our group of specialists at NKA will help you to underwrite and get into new business sectors without any problem. We will deal with everything directly from the business promoting to mark adequacy to improve sales force execution.


    • Straightforward accounting pages
    • Proposals to improve your organization’s exhibition

4. Data Structuring

The data storage structures (also called data tables) are created as a part of structuring the database for accounting. It is complex yet a crucial function for accounting entities.

At NKA accounting, we give a full bundle of Tax Services to Non-inhabitant Indians (NRI’s), Returning Non-occupant Indians (RNRI’s) and Expats.

We have been assisting our customers with our specialized services in the field of data structuring.


  • Expense Planning and Compliance
  • Bringing home of assets
  • Capital Gains
  • Interest in India
  • Appraisals
  • Advisory

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